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Tiffany Vailier


Tiffany Vailier ( born in 1985) comes from the Alsace region of France and studied fine arts in Strasbourg. It here was here that she developed a passion for artistic research such as  working with textures and contemporary graphicism. This lead her to commence her first collages and her famous sketches; drafts of everyday life, portraits drawn in public places she frequented. Her repertoire now created, her technique affirmed, she had found her subjects and produced her first works of mixed techniques and various materials.

Fine Arts degree in hand, she left for the Pyrenées-Orientales region where she earnt a living painting frescos and stage scenes.

At the tender age of 24 Tiffany created and opened the combined galery , workshop and restaurant Agit'hé (6th March 2009) in Port-Barcares, (near Perpignan ) with her husband Pascal Billot. She blooms during five years in this atypical place, accessable to the public, where she could work ,teach fine arts and exhibit other artists' works.

Tiffany could now increase her cultural interventions in the Languedoc-Roussillon region and her own exhibitions. In 2015, while continuing to manage the collective of current and   singular art Agit’hé, she settles her studio in the Catalan village of Saint-Hippolyte to dedicate herself in best to her artistic work. Meetings and shared experiences nourished her creativity, which shows itself to be dynamic, contrasted expressive and sensitive, honing her reflection of the world around her.



Tiffany's works question the notion of figuration itself. The artist's hand that traces a line, graphically and artistically writes her life experience. Not only exploring the world around us, but the possibilities of the figurative image itself. Everyday life is put on a stage, recomposed, redesigned, characterised. Lines, contours, areas, textures, sketches, workshop tasks , traversing ideas by superposition and transparency.

As such the artist can further push the limits of the esthetical possibilities of figuration,   drawing and painting.

In practise these images are born from the observations of the artist, near burlesque sketches taken of the living as well as an abstract and dreamlike representation of

sensations. Tiffany is constantly and by all means searching for the instants of grace and singularity in everyday life, at the heart of our proper perceptions and our intimate stories. A truly framed moment the ordinary becomes venerable.

The human becomes a specimen or character at the service of expression, the composition and line. The support of this figuration plays a role. The ambience, practical expression and space of the work are explored with a wise mix of raw materials such as wood , canvas and glass. They serve as much as tools for the exploration of the force of the mysticism and the

ambiguity of the visual sought by the artist.


Veritable pictoral graphicism, the works want to be covered densely with rough gestures, energetic strokes at the heart of a studied effective composition. There are no formal limits, no global view. This creative act is contemporary. A workshop where the work has no end but is an experience to always search further. It delivers in its most minute details to the spectator. The work therefore which often houses the preparative sketches and  compositional research, speaks for itself, telling its own story beyond a simple r representation of reality.


Today her images play with « private and intimate questions ».

01 12 2014
01 12 2015