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A Taste of Jewellery || Midweek workshop


Taste of jewellery making: midweek course.

During this four day course (tuesday to friday)  you will have the opportunity to get a taste of the world of jewellery making in precious metal. 

Under the guidance of a professional you will make your own piece(s) of silver jewellery that you will take home with you at the end of the week. Your designs may be inspired on the beautiful surroundings or you may have already had something in mind that you want to make. You will be gently guided through the process of designing, making and finishing your piece, the course is tailored to your needs. There is no room for more than two students at a time which guarantees you will get all the dedicated attention that you need. 


The programme is based upon 4 nights of accomodation in the nearby Hotel Tasmania.


Monday night- arrival Hotel Tasmania, La Bisbal
Tuesday through Friday- mornings from 10.30 to 14.00 and afternoons from 16.00 to 20.00 in the workshop

What is included in the price?

- Full use of equipment and tools during course hours.
- Gentle, friendly and tailored guidance by a professional jewellery maker
- A piece of sterling silver of 7x7 cms to realise your designs
- Accomodation and breakfast at Hotel Tasmania (if the Hotel happens to be full the dates of your stay you will be offered an alternative solution)
- One lunch menu of regional delicacies at Restaurant El Teatret

When you book your course you will be contacted by mail to arrange the details of your stay and to see if there are special wishes we can help you with.