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Ragments || Dorothy Wedderburn

DELFT, The Netherlands

About her work, Dorothy says:
"Born in Northern Nigeria, I grew up surrounded by a rich mixture of space, colours, patterns and textures providing a basic theme which is still reflected in my work today.

The processes I use to make my work were developed by studying and working, first in London and then in Somalia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and, since 1991, in the Netherlands. This has given me a good grounding in various technical processes used for patterning and decorating cloth, as well as an eclectic background of design influences.

My passion is cloth, layers, combining the old and the new – and for creating beautiful objects, sometimes wearable sometimes not.

I also undertake commission work for private customers and for businesses".

At ArteSana i Tribu we have a selection of Dorothy´s scarves, hand dyed and printed silk, some with sillicone adornment and some without.
In November 2014 we showcase her wall-hangings to brighten up the grey fall mood!

List of exhbitions:


  • Pulchri"Grafiek"Biennale,"The"Hague,"NL
  • Galerie Niek Waterbolk, Utrecht,NL



  • Galerie Zône Pop Up,Kunstroute,Leiden,NL
  • SUAVE"5’"Wearable"Textiles"Biennial,"Madrid,"Spain
  • Preserve Your Instinct Connections art project,Otsuchi and Tokyo, Japan


  • ‘Kwetsbaar/Kracht’ Kadmium,Delft,NL

2011""9 ‘Air’"6th"Biennial"of"Contemporary"Textile"Art,"Mexico"


2010""9 ‘From"Lausanne"to"Beijing’"6th"Fiber"Art"Biennial,"


9 ‘SUAVE"4’,"Wearable"Textiles"Biennial,"San"Jose,"Costa"


9 ‘The"Red"Thread’"Gallery"Kaleido,"Uppsala,"Sweden


9 solo"exhibition,"TOP"Delft,"NL

2009" 9 3rd"Triennial"of"Textile"Art,"Szombathely,"Hungary

9 ‘Meesterlijk’"Dutch"Design"Week,"Eindhoven,"NL

9 ‘WegVanKunst’,"Kampen,"NL

2008 9 ‘SUAVE"3’,"Wearable"Textiles"Biennial,"Terrassa"and"


9 ‘de"dood"leeft’,"Oud"Drimmelen,"NL

9 ‘Lente"Salon’"Galerie"de"Sigarenfabriek,","Delft,"NL

9 ‘Scythia"7’"International"Exhibition"of"Textile"Art,"