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MICHAM || Michelle Amelin

Castelreng, France.GMO ( Graphically Modified Organisms )They are part of a fantastic herbarium. These plants ( too big for the pot that contains them ) are worrisome ...Sewn or glued on screens on canvas or mesh , they remind of carnivorous plants . Beware of their mutations , the elements that define their make up are re processed .  I am looking for a facility that promotes a staged front / back : towers raised from the floor consisting of pivoting panels or frames hanging to reveal drawings, transparencies and alterations of materials, sewing and so on .When I choose the canvas , I pile the various elements and make sure the reading direction is multiple . I look for the living , the mobile gaze, the confrontation of viewpoints , the play of transparencies. I want the viewer to make a trip into my work....www.micham.fr

01 09 2015
31 10 2015