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Manel Galià Curto

St. MORI, Spain

Emotions through motion 

Manel Galià is an artist who has devoted his life to his passion: to create. His father, Narcís Galià was Professor at the College of Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, where his mother, brother and sister studied too.

Galià works in different materials, mainly glass fiber, terracotta and iron. He peels his creations off any aesthetic approach focusing on a deep work of materials in order to provide universal meaning to each of his creations: movement, instants that reflect conceptually a concrete feeling.
ve had the chance to see him modeling with obvious expertise and absolute passion in his studio in St Mori (Girona – Spain), surrounded by centenary stone walls, clay blocks and amazing views. Manel has a hospitable character and describes his work without a hint of waste; he does not stop modeling while we take photos and interview him.

"Motion, is it thinking? Or does thinking transform into motion?" Manel Galià updates a classic discipline and transforms it to suit the contemporary requirement of instant messages: when he sculpts a man with outstretched arms, as if he was flying, he says: "Come on! Get out! Fly! Do it!

"A man hanging from a rope? No, he is not a trapeze artist". This sculpture suggests a mood: maybe it is someone who is facing a challenge.

Formally, Manel Galià does not idealize his sculptures; he does even avoid facial representation. His style is unspeakable: neither reactionary nor traditionalist. He abstracts himself in the interpretation of motion and enjoys each texture. His formal art responds just to one concept: the one of personal experience, the artist recognizes and represents it, and tries to provide an answer to it.

"The sculpture is not an object; it is a question mark, one question, and one answer. It cannot be neither finished nor perfect" – "Giacometti".

By Nuria Arfa for Muud Magazine

October 2014

13 03 2015