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"Kairo sill man jan faa"- 
Mandinka proverb, "The road to peace is never (too) long".

KAIRO, a collection of bold and colourful jewellery, based on West African textiles, set in metal.

This exclusive collection of jewellery is a true color explosion, expressive and fun!
Each piece is centered around the prints of West African textiles, recovered from a tailor in Gambia, his leftovers now feature in these works of art.

Wearing a KAIRO is not only good for you, but also for others....for every jewel sold, 10€ is donated to support a human rights cause in Gambia. 

Discover the collection here!

In Gambia there is still a long road ahead to reach peace and democracy. You can help this cause ánd have a completely unique piece of jewellery at the same time.  

Are you a shop or company and interested in selling KAIRO jewellery?
Get in touch with ARTESANA to see how we can work together on this project.

(Portrait photography: Jordi Rafel Cruz www.divuitvintisis.com)