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ArteSana || Sana López Abellán

Sana López Abellán is an anthropologist and jewellery maker from La Bisbal, Spain.
“Jewellery is a feature which all societies have in common. Even though its expression may be quite different, adornment is used in all cultures.”

Playing with the limits of what is ´beautiful´ and what is ´waste´, Sana works with found materials, especially those from nature, and transforms them into ´gems´ giving them value through their use.

Combining her diverse backgrounds is a feature of Sana’s work; Spanish or Dutch, anthropologist or jeweller, historical or avant-garde, a work of the mind or of the hand? The end result is silver mixed with other materials - often wild, always wearable. ArteSana does not only refer to her first name and her art, in Spanish 'artesana' means 'craftswoman'...
Since september 2014 Sana opened the workshop and gallery ARTESANA i TRIBU by the riverside in La Bisbal.


Name: SANA López Abellan, born Amsterdam 1981 

2015 January- April-CENTRE DE SCULPTURE ROMANE, MAÎTRE DE CABESTANY, group exhibition with Agtit´he “Collective, Actuelle et Singulière”

2014 November, KM0, DALÍRIUM, part of Ingràvid Festival of Contemporary Culture, Figueres, Spain. Nominated for KM0 Award. (http://www.bonart.cat/actual/ingravid-presenta-8-artistes-km0-al-dalirium)

2014 September- today ARTESANA I TRIBU, Workshop and jewellery gallery, La Bisbal d´Empordà, Spain (www.artesanaitribu.com or www.facebook.com/artesanaitribu).

2014 May- ESPAI D´ART, La Bisbal d´Empordà, Spain.

2014 April- FIRA ARTESANA, La Bisbal d´Empordà, Spain.

2014 February- August GALLERY ISABELLE RIFFON, Bijoux Contemporains, Leiden, The Netherlands (www.isabelle-riffon.eu

2014 February- May GALLERY ZONE, Leiden, The Netherlands (www.galeriezone.nl)  

2014 March- November GALLERY AGIT´HE, Le Barcares, France (www.agithe.fr)

2013 October RENCONTRE DE CREATEURS ACTUELS, Mas d´en Lille, Le Barcares, France.  

2013 September ORIENTAL STYLE, Asociación Gioiellodentro & Palakiss, Vicenza, Italy (www.gioiellodentro.it)

2013 June RENCONTRE CREATIVE Domaine de l´Adrienne Basse, Coulobres, France.

2013 February- April GALLERY ZONE, Leiden, The Netherlands (www.galeriezone.nl)

2011 November- OUT OF THE BOX, Gallery Zone, Leiden, The Netherlands (www.galeriezone.nl)

2011 September- KUNSTROUTE, Leiden, the Netherlands (www.kunstrouteleiden.nl)

2010 September-January, THE RED THREAD, Gallery Kaleido, Uppsala, Sweden (www.kaleido.nu)

2010 September- KUNSTROUTE, Leiden, the Netherlands (www.kunstrouteleiden.nl)

2009 October- DESIGN FAIR MEESTERLIJK, Eindhoven, The Netherlands (www.meesterlijk.nu)

2009 March- SHINING WOMEN, Town Hall, Leiden, the Netherlands

2008- 2012  GALLERY ZONE, Leiden, The Netherlands. Permanent member of the collective. 


 Degree: Academy of jewelsmithing Ben van Helden, Zeist, The Netherlands (graduatíon 2008)