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ArteSana i Tribu

ArteSana i tribu brings you a dynamic collection of handmade designer jewellery, accompanied by a changing selection of art in various discplines.


Sana López Abellán is an anthropologist and jewellery maker from La Bisbal, Spain. ArteSana does not only refer to her first name and her art, in Spanish 'artesana' means 'craftswoman'.. 

“Jewellery is a feature which all societies have in common. Even though its expression may be quite different, adornment is used in all cultures.” 

 Playing with the limits of what is ´beautiful´ and what is ´waste´, Sana works with found materials, especially those from nature, and transforms them into ´gems´ giving them value through their use. 

Combining her diverse backgrounds is a feature of Sana’s work; Spanish or Dutch, anthropologist or jeweller, historical or avant-garde, a work of the mind or of the hand? The end result is silver mixed with other materials - often wild, always wearable.

Since september 2014 Sana opened her workshop and gallery in the centre of La Bisbal and displays not only her own work, but also that of other artists, the Tribu !

The Tribu

The ´tribe´ refers to that group of artists that has joined ArteSana on a temporary basis. These artists work in the field of jewellery, textiles, painting, sculpture and mixed media. You can find their work throughout the site, purchase some of it in the webshop and browse their bio pages.

“The profession of being a jeweler is often very lonely, sitting behind the workbench creating jewellery that will later fulfill a social function…(being worn)…I prefer combining that creation process with the reality of dealing with a shop, clients, suppliers and everything involved. The gallery shows jewellery by other designers too, as well as a changing collection of art. Every month the high walls exhibit the 2d work of a featured artist, local or international. This month there are French oil paintings on recycled wood but the next it will be printed textile wall hangings from Holland".

Are you an artist and would you like to have your work exhbited at ArteSana i Tribu and on this site? Show us!