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Past Events

From 01/12/2014 To 31/12/2014
Tiffany (FR) works in explosions of colours and things that are happening, very intimate graphic scenes of life.
From 03/01/2015 To 30/04/2015

On the third of January we opened Raquel´s exhibition by projection one of her video installations just outside the gallery. 

Collage, installations, work of resistance! Raquel Moron maken engaged art works with a strong focus on her identity as a woman and mother.
From 11/01/2015 To 31/03/2016

Private view thursday 28th January, 20.00, find directions to get there here

A good adress to visit in the South of France is VUE SUR COURS in Narbonne. Here you will find a wide selection of designers and artists that show you their latest work. I am happy to be presenting my work there too.
From 01/05/2015 To 01/05/2015
On the first of May we will open our doors to present the new collections for Spring and Summer 2015 and with special offers we will participate in the fair of the 1st of May.
From 01/06/2015 To 31/07/2015

Saturday the 6th of June, 19:00 we will officially open Berta´s exhibition at the Gallery. 
A glass of cava on the Passeig...what a great way to start a Saturday night!
The musical ensemble OINÉ will be with us providing a special touch to the evening. They play a variety of music centered around traditional napolitan songs. Everyone is welcome!

Berta Xirinachs presents her exciting and colourfull in the Gallery this season.Her works can be described as passionate landscapes springing from a wild feminity and her identity as a multidiscplinary artist (poetry, theater, painting). Her paintings are filled with sexual and spirtual beings leading to explosions of colours you can not keep your eyes off!
From 08/07/2015 To 09/07/2015
The wonderful team of Agit´he is reopening their Gallery-Boutique in a new style on the beach of Barcares, France.A large collection of my jewellery can be found there, of various styles. We will be waiting for you wednesday the 8th of July, at 18.00 with a cold drink and lots of SUN!
From 01/09/2015 To 31/10/2015

Saturday the 19th of September from 19.00 we will celebrate the opening of this organic exhibition together with ARTESANA i TRIBU´s first birthday! Keep an eye on this space for latest news!

Exhibition of the organic and finely executed works by MICHAM/ Michelle Amelin. Her work has very diverse formats and presentations. The work we are presenting are the Graphically Modified Organisms, exciting botany! At the same time we have the GYOTAKU Fish by Lourdes Rosés on display. More info soon!
From 11/09/2015 To 11/09/2015
On september the 11th the Passeig of La Bisbal turns into a festive antique and brocante fair, and throughout the town there will be all kinds of activities organized.This is the perfect opportunity to visit this Medieval Catalan town and look at some contemporary art and jewellery while youre there.
From 03/10/2015 To 04/10/2015

Opening Saturday October the 3rd at 11.00 A.M.

More than 40 contemporary artist in many fields gather at Cent Metres du Centre du Monde in Perpignan for a two day festival. We will be celebrating art in all its appearences! ARTESANA i TRIBU will have a stand with jewellery on the mezzanine. Free entrance and lots to see and do. Opening hours SATURDAY 3rd of October: 10.00-22.00SUNDAY 4th of October: 10.00- 18.30
From 11/11/2015 To 29/02/2016

Saturday 19 DECEMBER 19.00, meet the artist

"It started with the outdoor work , instinctive , synthetic paint , a painting where the eye seeks to capture the mood, the light of a moment , intensity , depth . Small formats , landscapes, a rythym from one painting to the other....Today I work inside the workshop in search of balance, harmony, correspondence. I seek, I superimpose , sometimes the color vibration sets in, I hesitate , I doubt I create..."
From 10/01/2016 To 31/01/2016

January 10th 15.00-18.00

Going back to my roots! the gallery where I started my path as a jewellery maker will be exhibiting some of my pieces from January 10th, they are celebrating 25 years of existence! a good reason to visit Leiden, the Netherlands!  
From 01/03/2016 To 31/07/2016

Opening, March 3rd 18.00-21.00, for more info see the Facebook event.

In the centre of Brussels on the Avenue Georges Henri 435, you can find ICKS Gallery for Contemporary Jewelry. "ICKX Contemporary Jewelry" is a new sales outlet in Brussels that offers a selection very selected of contemporary jewelry.Pieces are choosen for their singular design, sober to minimalist; for sometimes unexpected materials used; for techniques used (home made and new technolgies).Each piece is precious because unique or realised in small series.  
From 01/04/2016 To 03/04/2016
The first weekend of April is dedicated to the artistic crafts. We are open and welcome you into our workshop!
From 30/06/2016 To 11/09/2016

30-06-2016 Opening with drinks and music 18.30, Place du Tertre, Le Barcares.

Summer exhibition in contemporary art Gallery Agit'he, Le Barcares, France. This year only female artists will present their work....Come and see us! I will present my silver jewellery there inspired by the work of Laia Jou, see the blog entry here
From 01/07/2016 To 30/09/2016
This summer the KAIRO collection is travelling to France....Bold and expressive pieces of Gambian fabrics, combined with brass and leather make for an interesting blend! Come and see them in Narbonne, at VUE SUR COURS.
From 01/07/2016 To 31/08/2016
Inspired by her natural surroundings Lisette works her panels in an intuitive manner, texturizing and composing directly. Hardly any intervention, but direct contact with the materials, just like in her clay work. 
From 22/07/2016 To 22/07/2016

From 19.30 on Friday the 22nd of July we are here to show you local talent in all shapes and sizes! There will be locally brewed and bottled (cold!) La Plaga beer.

The shop is called ARTESANA I TRIBU referring to the 'tribe' of artists that Sana works with. This summer we would like to show you what variety of high quality artists we have locally! Presenting the KM0 Tribe:Lisette Dijksterhuis (panels/paintings)Sarai Aleman /El Pez Melon (drawings)Laia Jou (drawing and artist books)Manel Galia (sculptures)Olga Muxart (jewellery)Sana López Abellán (jewellery)
From 27/11/2016 To 27/11/2016

Sunday 27th of November, from 11.00 to 17.00. Domaine SARRAT DE GOUNDY, Armissan. 

In Armissan, at the wine chateau Domaine de Goundy, on sunday the 27th there is a special event. At the domaine there will be a fine selection of art. In my case my work is represented by Galerie Toiles de Mer. Come and visit this special space from 11.00 onwards!
From 01/02/2017 To 01/04/2017
From February to April I will be presenting my work in the shop window of Galeria MEKO in Barcelona. You can find this lovely place at Carrer Sant Pere Mes Baix, 11, tienda 1 in the historic centre of BARCELONA. The year round there are 5 artists that occupy the window, each for two months at a time. I am very honoured to be one of them! The other designers for this year are: Maribel Chiva, Silvia Piva, Vera Pino and Michael Off.
From 04/03/2017 To 30/04/2017

4 March 12.00 VERMUT i ART 
Opening/ Vernissage/ Inauguració @ARTESANA i TRIBU, Passeig Marimon Asprer 3, La Bisbal d'Empordà
Follow this event on Facebook. 

We are happy to share Tiffany's universe with you again. Her mixed techniques depict intimate and dreamy realities in different layers. Linedrawings over paint, sometimes mixed with collage, always interesting and mesmerizing! Come and see a great variety of work and formats at the Gallery this spring. 
From 31/03/2017 To 02/04/2017
AGNES CALAS invited me to present some of my work in her lovely textile workshop in Baixas, France. We will also present a line of work based on her beautiful handwoven fabrics!You are welcome to come and discover our combined universe in this special weekend dedicated to European crafts. Adress: 26 Rue Guiter 666390 Baixas, Francehttps://www.agnescalas.com/  
From 14/05/2017 To 17/05/2017
ArteSana i Tribu will be presenting the KAIRO collection at PULSE London this spring.Breaking the boundaries of design and innovation, Pulse is the UK’s ultimate boutique trade event for inspiring new gifts, modern living and fashion accessories.The KAIRO collection is based on West African upcycled textiles from Gambian tailors, set in metal, leading to vibrant and explosive jewels!
From 01/06/2017 To 10/09/2017

Saturday june 10th 20.00

Swiss artist Madeleine Spierer (born in 1926) invites us into her vibrant and expressive universe. A selection of her lifes works are presented at the Gallery.
From 11/09/2017 To 31/10/2017

Saturday september 30th 19.00 festive private view at the Gallery, Passeig Marimon Asprer 3.
Find the FACEBOOK Event here

The exhibition consists of semi-composed tapestries and several over-life-size portraits. Each artwork is a visual text.Their meaning appears as an obvious surface narrative; because their solepurpose is to converse between oneanother to encourage a multi-semantic reading where mythological, traditional and contemporary iconography and philosophy are conveyed,demanding a new artistic style.The imagery is a combination of men and womenconveyedas Venus or Mars icons.