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Pebble Passion

August 28, 2015

What makes me passionate about my work every day?

Let me start by breaking down a stubborn myth: being an artist does not mean you do not work. Being an artist does not mean you sit around in your workshop having a coffee and listening to music until that famous and long awaited ´inspiration´ comes down on you like the hand of God.
Being an artist professionaly means that you have to make a certain amount of income every day. month, year, in order to eat and pay your bills, just like everybody else.
This means you have to work, everyday, inspiration or no inspiration...You have to rely on your discpline and not on your inspiration.

But what being an artist does mean, is thar you have chosen a job that you love!

So what do I love most about my work? I love that I can create something valuable out of the unvaluable! I love that I have the ability to transform loose elements into a new whole. I love that I can give new meaning to lifeless objects. I love that I can create beauty!

One of my latest pieces really reflects my passion (because yes, not ALL pieces that I make are masterpieces, because the more commercial work helps me pay my internet bill and hopelfully soon a much needed new computer). The Royal Pebbles sum up what I love, nature, design and work done with love and attention.

So now....I´d better get back to work!