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Collaboration "Topología Pulmonar",

November 08, 2017

This fall I was involved in designing and making a very particular Jewel. Sculpturor Guillermo Basagoiti Brown (www.guillermobasagoiti.com) presented his installation "Topología Pulmonar" at the IX Bienal for Contemporary Art in Girona, Catalunya. This installation is part of his current project "En Expansíon" in which he explores the tension between emotions as the motor of action and cultural boundaries as gravitating force. 

Because of the current political and societal tensions at the time of the opening, he decided to present his work in an adapted form, with a small text to acompany his descision. 
He deflated the sculpture. With that action we came up with the idea to use the valve. And create something new. 

So we did....and designed and made a necklace. The clasp I designed inspired by the shapes of his original sculpture. 
The materials used are brass, silver and patina. 

Given the fact that usually the act of jewellery making is very solitary, I love working together in special circumstances. And this also gives me a chance to experience new approaches to design and materials!


Half a year old!

May 02, 2015

The gallery and workshop have become my home (I am never actually in my house anymore)...and it seems like it has always been that way.
When I look at the calender, it has been only six months, a very short time! 

Looking through my computer today I came across a photo of how the shop was at the beginning of the adventure! Green!!!!

I want to share a before and after pic, to show you the difference it atmosphere!