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2 years old!

September 30, 2016

How do you reflect on the first two years of a brandnew project and business?
Do you look only at the numbers? Or should you take into account the level of satifaction and enjoyment? I believe it is important to keep weighing the importance of all the different elements.

ARTESANA i TRIBU has been open two years this month and this is a good excuse for looking back a bit. I can say in all honesty that the days that I have come to work with lead in my shoes can be easily counted on the fingers of one hand! On the contrary! Every day when I open the shop I feel proud and empowered that it is 'mine' and that I am following my own path. And yes, there is the downside, the constant pressure, the enormous amount of hours to put in. The non compensated effort....But then there is the small comment here and there...a sigh by a client who says "I would easily get myself in a debt to buy all this" or the smile on someones face while they see me work.

I notice that its a great inspiration for many people to have a peek inside the workshop and realise that there are still people who work entirely by hand. Where 'one of a kind', really means one of a kind...and where there is time and space for honest contact. 

The freedom everyday to do what I enjoy and what makes me 'tick', easily makes up for the amount of stress....(because yes, owning your own business, especially as a single mom, means a huge responsability and pressure on your shoulders constantly). I am happy to not give in too much to commercial traps and continue to do what I believe in and do it the way I believe it should be done...

I hope my adventure will last for a long time to come and that you will continue to be part of it!

For the month of October there is a very special offer on the site, have a look in the shop (www.artesanaitribu.com/shop) and take adva
ntage of our Birthday celebration!