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Inspired by angels and Laia Jou....!

June 28, 2016

While working on my ideas for the exhibit "Spread your wings, my angel..." at Agit'he, I was struggling to find a way to express what I feel about angels.
Suddenly there she was, my friend and artist Laia Jou with the language (poetry) and answers (images) that I needed. 

The discours is about freedom, about life and mortality, about opression and flying, about caging ourselves....My desire is to free the angel, remove unreal expectation of her nature, by cutting her wings and letting her free to the live the life of a mortal woman.

Freed, but with the promise to never cage yourself again...or let yourself be caged. Don't wait for any angels to save you. Be your own protector. 

I decided to cut the wings of the angels and make their wings into a 2 meter long chain...

The collaboration with Laia Jou consists in two of her illustrations, a mobile, and my silver jewellery. 

You are invited to LE BARCARES!