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July 11, 2015

This week I have been interviewed for a project on migration. I am an immigrant in my current town La Bisbal and this country, Spain, but I am also the daughter of an immigrant. So I am both the stranger now as well as when I grew up. There will be videos, foto´s and written stories from people from many backgrounds, each of them with a personal story.

We spoke about migration, personal history, memories, traces, trayectories.This ring is inspired by this, your life, your traces.....

Throughout my life the poem ´Caminante no hay camino´ has alsways inspired me.... There is no path to follow in this life, every one of us should find the courage and faith to find their own. And sadly enough many people are hindered in their journeys by boundaries and borders. 

The topics we talked about stayed with me... so I´ll share the first lines of the poem with you for inspiration:

Todo pasa y todo queda
pero lo nuestro es pasar,
pasar haciendo caminos,
caminos sobre la mar.

Everything goes and everything stays
but our fate is to pass
to pass making a path as we go,
paths over the sea,