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Sea Anemone

May 26, 2015

The heart can think of no devotion 
Greater than being shore of the Ocean 
Holding the curve of one position
Counting an endless repetition...
-Robert Frost

The sea and its creatures are of endless inspiration to me. A hidden world of beauty, of peace, of mystery, but also of danger and a dark side.
This small collection is inspired by the flowing arms of sea anemones at the bottom of the sea....swaying away....

Very soon you will find them in the webshop in a dark (oxidized) and white version, all in silver.
If you are interested in them right now you can send me an email, there are drop earrings, studs, a pendant and a ring that are already available.

Hunting for treasures

May 09, 2015

In my jewellery you often find natural materials, that I have combined with the silver. Very often this is sea glass or pebbles and sometimes wood or coral. 
And yes....all found by me! Many clients wonder where I get my raw materials from....well, just from the beach.
It has become very popular to sell sea glass on ebay or Etsy or to ´make´ sea glass by polishing shards of ´regular´ glass. I am not tempted by that easy way out!
The roaming on the beach, the searching, the collecting, the selecting, is a part of each jewel.
I believe the attention and dedication that I put in the whole fabrication process shows in the endresult, making each piece unqiue and personal. 
Happy roaming!

Half a year old!

May 02, 2015

The gallery and workshop have become my home (I am never actually in my house anymore)...and it seems like it has always been that way.
When I look at the calender, it has been only six months, a very short time! 

Looking through my computer today I came across a photo of how the shop was at the beginning of the adventure! Green!!!!

I want to share a before and after pic, to show you the difference it atmosphere!