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Collaboration "Topología Pulmonar",

November 08, 2017

This fall I was involved in designing and making a very particular Jewel. Sculpturor Guillermo Basagoiti Brown (www.guillermobasagoiti.com) presented his installation "Topología Pulmonar" at the IX Bienal for Contemporary Art in Girona, Catalunya. This installation is part of his current project "En Expansíon" in which he explores the tension between emotions as the motor of action and cultural boundaries as gravitating force. 

Because of the current political and societal tensions at the time of the opening, he decided to present his work in an adapted form, with a small text to acompany his descision. 
He deflated the sculpture. With that action we came up with the idea to use the valve. And create something new. 

So we did....and designed and made a necklace. The clasp I designed inspired by the shapes of his original sculpture. 
The materials used are brass, silver and patina. 

Given the fact that usually the act of jewellery making is very solitary, I love working together in special circumstances. And this also gives me a chance to experience new approaches to design and materials!


The LONDON experience!

May 17, 2017

The last few days I have spent in London, launching the KAIRO collection for its UK premiere...at PULSE 2017. 
It was good! The stand and location turned out to be really nice and the reception of my work as well. 

Soon I will publish the list of new UK stockists, both inside of London and in the country side. 

I am very pleased that the positive message of my collection was well received !

Thanks to everyone who made this LONDON adventure possible. 

Do you have a shop and missed your change to place an order at PULSE? Don't worry, contact me now, we will get it done!

The perfect marriage....

April 16, 2017

Last year around this time the start was made for the KAIRO jewellery collection that by now has grown to be one of my favorites. Very soon I will be presenting KAIRO at PULSE London at the Olympia, from 14 to 16th of may! Get in touch with me if you would like free tickets to PULSE.

How did the project start? My friend was visiting his home country, Gambia, when I asked him to bring back the cuttings of textiles left over at the floor of local tailorshops. And so he did. He brought back leftovers from several Gambian towns, Jambur, Brusubi and Serakunda.

At first when I had the pieces of cloth I was not sure how to transform them into jewels- but I was sure an idea would someday pop up in my head.
Incorporating textile in metal jewellery is a challenge both technically as well as estetically. So I put them in a box and sometimes took them out just to look at them...they are so inspiring!

Slowly I started to think of a way to present the prints as mini paintings set in brass using very simple metalworking techniques. 

Why did I have an interest in the textiles in the first place? Because I am also schooled as an anthropologist and as such have specialized in ethnic dress and identity. The expression of 'self' and 'community' through clothing, fabrics and adornment, has always fascinated me. For me these expressions are a clear gateway from the inner body to the outside world, the intimate made public. 

Making a unity between "there" and "here", using the scrap from Africa in a reinvented jewel, appeals to me. As a jewellery maker I am always looking for ways to give value to the wothless, transforming and recycling. This KAIRO collection allowed me to 'marry' my two passions, anthropology and jewellery making!

The name KAIRO means 'peace' in Mandinka, one of the languages spoken in Gambia. I decided to name the collection after this local proverb: 

"Kairo sill man jan faa"Mandinka proverb, "The road to peace is never (too) long". 

The project evolved over the months since I started it, KAIRO can now be called a UNIQUE and ethical example of crosscultural jewellery design.
Ethical? Because of the materials used it can be considered upcycling!
And also, wearing a KAIRO is not only good for you, but also for others....for every jewel sold, a donation is made to support a human rights cause in The Gambia. So the project is beneficial to the planet ánd us humans too!

Visit the shop to see the pieces: http://www.artesanaitribu.com/collections/kairo
And for more background and a video of the process: http://www.artesanaitribu.com/content/kairo






2 years old!

September 30, 2016

How do you reflect on the first two years of a brandnew project and business?
Do you look only at the numbers? Or should you take into account the level of satifaction and enjoyment? I believe it is important to keep weighing the importance of all the different elements.

ARTESANA i TRIBU has been open two years this month and this is a good excuse for looking back a bit. I can say in all honesty that the days that I have come to work with lead in my shoes can be easily counted on the fingers of one hand! On the contrary! Every day when I open the shop I feel proud and empowered that it is 'mine' and that I am following my own path. And yes, there is the downside, the constant pressure, the enormous amount of hours to put in. The non compensated effort....But then there is the small comment here and there...a sigh by a client who says "I would easily get myself in a debt to buy all this" or the smile on someones face while they see me work.

I notice that its a great inspiration for many people to have a peek inside the workshop and realise that there are still people who work entirely by hand. Where 'one of a kind', really means one of a kind...and where there is time and space for honest contact. 

The freedom everyday to do what I enjoy and what makes me 'tick', easily makes up for the amount of stress....(because yes, owning your own business, especially as a single mom, means a huge responsability and pressure on your shoulders constantly). I am happy to not give in too much to commercial traps and continue to do what I believe in and do it the way I believe it should be done...

I hope my adventure will last for a long time to come and that you will continue to be part of it!

For the month of October there is a very special offer on the site, have a look in the shop (www.artesanaitribu.com/shop) and take adva
ntage of our Birthday celebration!

Inspired by angels and Laia Jou....!

June 28, 2016

While working on my ideas for the exhibit "Spread your wings, my angel..." at Agit'he, I was struggling to find a way to express what I feel about angels.
Suddenly there she was, my friend and artist Laia Jou with the language (poetry) and answers (images) that I needed. 

The discours is about freedom, about life and mortality, about opression and flying, about caging ourselves....My desire is to free the angel, remove unreal expectation of her nature, by cutting her wings and letting her free to the live the life of a mortal woman.

Freed, but with the promise to never cage yourself again...or let yourself be caged. Don't wait for any angels to save you. Be your own protector. 

I decided to cut the wings of the angels and make their wings into a 2 meter long chain...

The collaboration with Laia Jou consists in two of her illustrations, a mobile, and my silver jewellery. 

You are invited to LE BARCARES!

Photo shoot KAIRO

May 17, 2016

I loooove my work!!!
Part of what always excites me so much is that I get to work on the entire process....from designing the jewellery, to presenting it, marketing it, giving it value...

This morning Jordi Rafel (www.divuitvintisis.com) helped me to create 4 images that will be part of the campaign for my latest project KAIRO.
We found two great humoured and beautifully excentric models that were great fun to work with too...Thanks Laura & Hadja!
Always very exciting to bring something to life that you have secretly imagined...Hoping to show you the results soon!

Russian Remake

April 07, 2016

These days I have been working on a special commission, a Russian client brought me the gold jewellery that she wasn't wearing any more and asked me to modernize them. I made her earrings and a ring of silver, mixed with her gold and stones. You can see the process and the result in the pictures.
First I had to take apart her old jewellery:


Then I redesigned the pieces to go with my own designs in silver, incorporating her gold and stones....

The end results:

I love how remaking old jewellery can mean a new life for forgotten heirlooms!

Surely the jewellery you are not wearing could do with a remake too. You will be surprised by how fresh the new design will turn out.

Get in touch to see how we can arrange your jewellery make over project!


Ready for Spring 2016

March 17, 2016

ARTESANA i TRIBU is ready for a new season full of adventures! 
To start off we have created extra workspaces so that we can welcome you in the workshop for longer or shorter courses in jewellery making.
We can arrange your accomodation for you if needed too.

Apart from setting up the courses we are on full speed with working on new collections for the summer season. As always the look is bold, organic and light at the same time. ArteSana Jewellery is available in the shop, the brick and mortar shop in La Bisbal and also in several other shops in Europe. For stockists see the contact page. 

The shop is filled with exciting work by different artists and will continue to change throughout the season. The sculptures are made by Manel Galia, there are fish by Lourdes Roses and many more treasures to discover. 


Sphere Lines

October 14, 2015

Sphere Lines
Recently I have started playing with lines and repetition...Because round shapes appeal to me more than angles I have taken sphere line drawings as the starting point to make a small selection of work.
To play with repetition and highlights I have oxidized some cirkles to make them contrast with others. Each one is different... in size, in colour and in depth....
You can find the pendants in the shop...but to give you an idea:
Sphere oxidizedSpheres